Frequently Asked Questions

On Portable Restroom Rentals...

How large of a trailer will we need for our function?
Use the number of guests invited - Minus 10-12 % for no shows, take the menu and drinks into consideration and the length of the event. Also consider any other restrooms within 200 feet of the event. With these numbers, MPR will guide you to make the right choice for your event.
What do we need to make the trailer operative at my site?
A level site, either on black top or grass. Close proximity to power and a water source. A location should be chosen where the guests can see and get to the facility easily but without taking from the events apperance.
Do we need an attendant for our event?
A paid attendant from MPR is not a necessity, but it does help if there is someone available to tidy-up every 15-20 minutes. Guests will generally not pick up trash or debris and tend to leave drinks in the restoom.
What can I do when our location is not located where utilities are present?
MPR has the ability to supply water and a generator at an extra cost. We recommend that you check with your tent supplier or caterer to see what their power and water needs may be as well. MPR has invested 26 years in the buisness and has learned what it takes to make your event special and hassle free.
How long do I have the trailer for?
Our trailers are usually delivered on a Wednesday or a Thursday and picked-up the following Monday or Tuesday unless otherwise specified.